Winter Hours, Tues -Thurs: 11am-4pm, Fri & SAT: 11am-6pm


About The Museum

“A small museum space dedicated to spirits, cryptids, aliens… and everything else that goes bump in the night!”

Letter from the Director


First off, let me take the opportunity to thank you for your interest in our museum! We first opened our doors to the public on October 14th, 2017. Leading up to that, we had no idea if anyone would be interested in our strange little museum. However, at the time of this writing, just over two years in, I’m proud to say we’ve had well over 6,000 guests, from over 27 states, and 6 different countries! We’ve been able to partner with local nonprofits, sponsor local sports teams, and expand our public display areas. All of this is to say thank you to our friends, community, and guests, we couldn’t have done anything without you! You turned our dream into a reality.
My team and I have been investigating the paranormal since about 2004. It started with my best friend and I ghost hunting locally; usually at some overgrown cemetery, abandoned building, or sprawling battlefield. After a couple years in the field, during an investigation at a local graveyard, we witnessed an Unidentified Flying Object hovering over our town. From then on, we were hooked on all things paranormal; Ghosts, bigfoot, extraterrestrials, psychic abilities, voodoo practices, and anything else dealing with “high strangeness.”
Today, the museum represents all of these subjects and more. We have displays covering some of our favorite monsters, some of the more notable places we’ve had the chance to investigate, our collection of haunted & cursed objects, and casts of bigfoot prints from Pulaski County and beyond, just to name a few. The museum is always growing; growing in display, in original content, in creating and hosting events, and in experience. We genuinely hope to see you soon, and when you are visiting, I hope you enjoy your time with us, and you leave with happy memories. Thank you.


Kyle Kadel
Owner, Director, Co-Curator
International Paranormal Museum and Research Center, LLC
November 2019”

Things To Do Here

Here at the International Paranormal Museum, we have something for everyone. Topics we cover include: Ghost hunting, Bigfoot, Extraterrestrials, psychics, witchcraft, voodoo, serial killers, other cryptids, and more. We currently have over 200 items on display. While you are here, you will also have the opportunity to participate in several unique activities, such as using real ghost hunting equipment, you can hear real bigfoot vocalizations (COMING SOON), and you can even taste divinely-sourced mineral waters that are said to have healing properties. And don’t forget about our ever growing multimedia research center! Included in your museum admission, we have hundreds of books, films, shows, maps, and case files for you to peruse, allowing you to dig a little deeper into some high strangeness. And for the little ones, we have free coloring book pages, and themed games and activities.

And starting in 2020, we are kicking up our public events! Stay tuned to our calendar for the latest news on special events, speaking engagements, investigations, special guests, and more! Come see what we are all about!

Our Building

The International Paranormal Museum is located in the lower level of the Carnegie Community Arts Center. Our beautiful building was built using local limestone, and construction was completed in 1914, when it opened as the area’s first post office. It served this purpose until 1966, when it was renovated and reopened as the Pulaski County Public Library in ‘67. When the library built a brand new facility, and moved out of the building in 2008, the Carnegie Community Arts Center was born. Nowadays, the Carnegie is a local home to the vibrant arts community in the area. The building plays host not only to the museum, but several resident artists offering classes, live music events, fine art showings, a gift-shop of local artisan wares, event rental space, and new events and residents all the time!  More information on the Carnegie Community Arts Center can be found at!